Treat Yo’Self

While you spend this week and weekend shopping and thinking of your loved ones there is one that you should always remember….. TREAT YO’ SELF.

Personal hygiene extends past daily showers, sleep, and exercise. You must take care of your mind and the best way to do that is to find a place that allows you to relax and release your stressors. Thankfully we at Martini’s Day Spa & Salon have that solution for you.

A relaxation massage is designed to allow your body and mind to relax and release those stressors that everybody carries with them on a daily basis. A unique feature that Martini’s offers to our customers is a customized session designed for each individual. As part of the intake to getting a massage, Adriana will ask various questions to why you are getting the massage, trouble areas, and if you have had a massage before? Generally these are typical questions that are asked, however Adriana plans out and adds specific essential oils to each session to get the unique relaxation effect that each of her clients are looking for without even knowing. At the end of each session “out-take” questions are asked and Adriana will make notes to ensure that the next time you visit you get the same or better experience.

If you have been putting off time to TREAT YO’SELF you are in luck. Adriana has openings this weekend but they are filling fast. So while you are out shopping just take 1 hour and TREAT YO’SELF and if your feeling up to it, get that additional boost this Thursday with a B12 shot. Check out the link HERE.

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