How Massage Can Help You This Allergy Season


Spring time is upon us and as the temperatures rise and the beauty around us awakens from it’s Winter Slumber the season of red noses, itchy eyes and nasal congestion begins.

– Did you know that higher stress levels can impact allergy symptoms?

Stress has been shown to be linked to higher levels histamines which can exasperate your existing allergic reactions.  Basically more stress means more sneezing, running nose, and feeling lethargic longer then you need to be.  Thankfully, our staff can help you this Allergy season.

By undergoing regular Massage Therapy during TEXAS ALLERGY SEASON, you can improve your circulation, immune system, and decrease your stress levels allowing your body to help fight off the bad allergies.  Our bodies need to refresh from the winter stress and massage offers that avenue to allow your body to rest, recoup, and take on the world.  By minimizing your body’s reaction to allergens you will become comfortable and ready to enjoy the spring and summer months.

In addition to traditional massage, Trigger Point therapy can help release the toxins that are within our body that have been trapped during the winter months.  Through our massage therapist’s unique massage techniques, she concentrates on those areas and can help slowly release those toxins and prevent future build up.   The byproduct of Trigger Point is less joint and muscle pain, increase flexibility, and your overall alertness and concertation will increase through regular sessions.  Along with reducing your overall stress, your body will be more alert and capable to fight off Texas’ Allergens.

Allergens and our body’s reaction to those allergies are an inevitable in Texas.  Don’t let this season ruin beautiful days and prevent you from enjoying what the Texas outdoors has to offer.  Through regular massages and proper home care you can combat allergies naturally and improve your overall wellness.  Call today to reserve your Spring Rejuvenation Massage.



Stress and Allergic Diseases

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